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      Most Popular Flexshopper Reviews

      Flexshopper Account Review from Lewisville, Texas

      On 6-2-16 I filled out an online app for this company that advertises itself as a lease-to-own company that caters to consumers who have credit issues. The application was approved with a limit of $1041.00 or $47.05 monthly. So I purchased 2 items well under my approval limit. When I checked on my account the very next day to look over shipping information, I couldn't log in. Thinking I had somehow forgotten my password. I request a password reset by email. After 3 reset request I decided to contact the company. I was told by a rep name Sabrina that my account was deactivated by her company. When I asked how this was possible when I was approved and agreed to the term of contract by Flexshopper, Sabrina pointed to a claus that states they can close your account without cause at anytime. Knowing this agency has access to my bank account info and agreed to a contract under false pretenses and no written explanation is very misleading and unsafe for consumers.

      Flexshopper - Scam me

      I was very excited originally when I first open a flexshopper account I got an Xbox One X for several months no problem unfortunately my job shut down without warning I let them know at flexshopper and they seemed willing to work with me saying my account would be frozen until I found employment it took a few months and I got hired at a job I kept them informed the entire time and they reassured me that everything was okay 2 weeks ago out of the blue before I had started working I noticed they had took a payment out of my bank account which had nothing in it so I went negative in my account and of course my bank charged me an overdraft fee I talk to the bank about it they put a block on flexshopper and said when I was ready to make payments to let them know and they would remove the block I got my first paycheck the other day for $280 for my new job and I was going to authorize flexshopper to start taking double payments to get caught up and paid off they beat me to it they took my entire paycheck of $280 leaving me nothing when I called the bank they didn't know how they did it because they had put a block on flexshopper come to find out flexshopper use the different name to get the money cuz they knew they were blocked they went under the name flexshopper 2 so they could get all their money not only did they take my entire paycheck they were demanding even more money in fact they wanted $405 and we're very rude when I tried explaining to them that they could not just take my entire paycheck like that and they refused to refund me so my bank now had to give me a new card and they are going to handle flexshopper and put a warning out that they change their name in order to get their money do not go with this company if you do and you get behind there's nothing you can do to stop them from getting into your account you put a Block they'll change their name it's dishonest and crooked and I'll just pay cash for now on a lesson has been learned

      Flexshopper - Still being charged for item after it was paid off.

      I have been using Flexshopper for a year now. We have never had any issues with them. Yes you pay more for the item in the long run but that is no different than Rent A Center or Arrons or any of the other brick and mortar rent to own centers. My only issue so far is that Im still being charged for an item that is paid off. My account says that my lease on a desktop computer I bought is at 100% completion. They took money from my bank today and it shows that they are taking another payment next week. So I dont know what is up with them. I have never had a problem with them before.