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Flex Shopper went into my account and took out money for 12 transactions that was not authorized by me. I got behind on payments and I had made a 50.00 payment and told them I would pay the rest in a few weeks.

You just do not go into someone's account and take out what you want. Plus, the billing department was terrible and very, very unfriendly. This place should be shut down!!!! How dare they go into my bank account and take out money that I was behind on and also charge me for the regular payment.

My bank was shocked to see 12 transactions from Flex Shopper and SO WAS I!! AND, I do not work so this really hurt me financially!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flexshopper Billing Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Billing department.

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If you don’t work then maybe you shouldn’t be spending money you don’t have on flexshopper things where they charge an ungodly amount of interest...you did sign a contract after all....if you didn’t read it then you’re to blame for signing something you didn’t read....


So to sum this up. You bought something you couldn’t actually afford.

Then you missed payments, and they took money out of your account because you agreed to the terms which include giving them permission to take money from your bank account for missed payments. And now, your broke *** is blaming them?

This is your fault, not theirs. Pay your bills on time and this *** wouldn’t happen.


Pay your bill on Time!! I never had a problem!!

to Ronnieb23 #1485268

I have never had a problem, but I have also lived up to my end and paid my bill on time every time!


You know you signed a contract where it specifically says they can do this, right?

to Edward #1461155

Right!! Come on, now; at least read what you yourself signed.


Yep they did the same to me for 1000.00 dollars over my 70.00 weekly payment that was 3 weeks behind totaling 210.00. I reported as fraud and my bank has blocked all payments to them and refunded the charges.


They did the same to us took 400 dollars out of are bank account and now we are behind on bills and will probably be homeless people do not buy off these people

to Emily #1517321

Shouldn't buy things you can't afford. If you made your payments like you agreed in the contract you signed, then you wouldn't have this problem. Your blaming this company for taking money you owe them.

to Anonymous #1523963

They take money when they feel like it not on the day it's due. They have no right to keep hitting someone's account over and over.

If it's due on Friday then take it on Friday not Tuesday. Geesh read before you judge someone


Nope, still taking money out whenever they want. I have to constantly freeze my card because of them.

to JulieDiorio #1488393

Will they report to credit if you don’t pay?

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